Destination Management Organization (DMO)

Destination Management Organization is the co-ordinated management of all the elements that make up a destination (attractions, access, marketing, human resources, image and pricing). It takes a strategic approach to link-up very separate entities for the better management of the destination.

(World Tourism Organization).

Therefore, DMOs not only have a leading role in promoting and marketing tourism destinations but, more importantly, steer destination development.

A coordinated management within a strategic and coherent framework is then intended to produce effects both at local level (in terms of increasing incoming touristic flows and yields, spreading the benefits of tourism development, reducing environmental impacts and ensuring environmental sustainability in target areas) and at the Mediterranean Sea-Basin one (in terms of visibility and attractiveness of the international network of which local stakeholders are part of).

Within the S&T MED project framework, we are working with the leadership of MIBACT – Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism – in order to tailor a specific model for Sustainable Destinations in the Mediterranean.

MIBACT is steering the development of an ad-hoc model and specific guidelines for setting up DMO in the target areas. The reference framework for developing the model is the Barcelona Convention/Plan Bleu/MAP, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism/Europarc, General, Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations (GSTC-D)/World Tourism Organization.

The contextualization and customization of the model at the local level is led by the Al-Balqa Applied University that will be accompanying local Partners in implementing the model in the Med basin as well as in creating business alliance to develop public/private partnership at the regional and local level.