Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT)


Logo-MiBACT-800x300px-2013Established in 1974, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT) is the Italian competent Ministry for conservation and management of cultural heritage and landscape. The Ministry underwent significant organizational and mandate changes in recent years and its mission has been broadened in 2013, to encompass also tourism development.

The General Secretariat of MIBACT is the Lead Partner (Beneficiary) of S&T Med Project. The General Secretariat ensures coordination and consistency in the overall Ministry activities, prepares relevant strategies, and has surveillance responsibilities in order to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness of the Ministry structures. The General Secretariat includes three Departments: the Department for Coordination and International Affairs – UNESCO Office; the Department for Strategic EU and national Planning; the Inspective Service.

As Lead Partner of the S&T Med, the General Secretariat of MIBACT is in charge of the overall coordination of the Project. It is also specifically responsible for the development of a Destination Management Organization model and its pilot application in the destinations involved in the Project (Sinis Peninsula, Italy; Aqaba, Jordan; Mahdia, Tunisia). In addition, the General Secretariat is in charge of the set-up of a transnational Observatory on Sustainable Tourism and of the organization and implementation of communication and awareness-raising activities.

Staff and contact

Collegio-romanoMinistry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT)

Via del Collegio Romano, 27 – Rome (Italy)

Maria Grazia BELLISARIO, Project Coordinator

Alessandra LUCCHESE

Tina RANIERI, Project Senior Assistant Coordinator

Antonio CURCIO, Project Junior Assistant Coordinator

Tiziana GIULIANI, Communication Manager

Giuseppe LOIACONO, Financial Manager

Emanuela MANCA, DMO Tutor