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The Aqaba Marine Park is an entity under the Environmental Affairs Commission of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), that is the financially and administratively autonomous Body in charge of the management, regulation, and development of Aqaba acting both as a municipal government regulator, as well as a regional development agency, investment promoter and facilitator.

It has been established to “conserve and manage the natural near-shore marine environment of the Aqaba south coast region with its rich biodiversity, while allowing for certain touristic uses at sustainable levels, for the benefit and enjoyment of the present and future generations of Jordanians and the global community.”

The Aqaba Marine Park – that currently employs 46 staff – is located south of the city of Aqaba.  The park is about 7 km in length, stretching from the Passenger Terminal in the North to the Police Officers’ Club in the South.  The park’s terrestrial boundary lies 50 m East of the Mean High Water Mark and the marine boundary lies 350 m West of the Mean High Water Mark.

Within the Aqaba Marine Park, there are different zones with respect to various permitted activities:

  • A strict reserve zone to preserve marine communities in their natural state;
  • Beach recreation and swimming zones allowing for safe beach recreation, where sunshades but no other permanent structures are permitted;
  • Boat access corridors providing for safe boating passages;
  • Diving and snorkelling zones permitting safe observation of marine life;
  • Bait fishing zones limited to the shore, and conditional upon possession of permit.

Fishing and harvesting of any form of living or dead marine flora and/or fauna in any form, commercial or recreational is not permitted within the Marine Park.

There is also a visitor’s centre for education and outreach programs. Activities include displays, lectures, and slide shows in addition to focused marine activities. The centre includes an auditorium, exhibition halls, a gift shop, rest room facilities and a restaurant, the Marine Science Station, campsites and 10 out of the 19 dive sites in Aqaba.

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Abdullah AWALI