Al-Balqa Applied University


logo-al-balqua-universityAl-Balqa Applied University (BAU), founded in 1997, is a distinctive state university in the field of Bachelor and Associate degree Applied Education, at the capacity of 47,500 student distributed into 32,000 at the Bachelor degree program and 15,500 at the Associate degree program.

BAU’s offers certificates in the academic degrees (Associate, Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate’s degree certificates) to different majors accredited by the Council of Higher Education in Jordan, the Arab Association of Universities and all of the Local and International Academic Corporations.

BAU is looking for providing Training and Continuous Education opportunities in different Applied, Human , Natural and Art Sciences fields to students, employees and all society categories that contributes in developing knowledge and supplying the community with specialists trying to solve its economic and social problems on both the local and the international level.

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Al-Balqa Applied University

Al-Salt, Jordan

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