S&T MED buoys for environmental monitoring system tested and soon delivered in Aqaba, Sinis and Mahdia












Three mooring buoys for environmental monitoring have been designed for the needs of the three S&T MED destinations and will be soon delivered at destination in Aqaba, Sinis and Mahdia.

The three buoys have been designed – with the support of the scientific Institutions partner of the Project coordinated by Stazione Zoologica “Anton Dohrn” – to accomodate the specific needs of the three S&T MED destinations. Amongst others, they include sensors to detect hydrocarbons presence, single-point currentmeter, meteo station with irradiance and UVA/B detectors, underwater and aerial cameras.

Beyond their importance for environmental data monitoring, buoys will be also used for public engagement, educational and awareness raising activities, for both tourists and citizens.


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The Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (2016-2025) is now available!

The COP 19 of the Barcelona Convention ended in Athens on the 12th February with the adoption of the Athens Declaration and the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (2016-2025)…to find out more, visit http://www.unepmap.org/index.php…

Also, it is important to mention that Tunisia is among the promoters of a Trust Fund for Mediterranean MPAs, an example of an innovative financial mechanism for biodiversity!

The Seventh Steering Committee of S&T MED ended on 15th December 2015

The 7th Steering Committee of S&T MED took place on 14th and 15th December 2015 at the premises of one of the Project Partner, Stazione Zoologica “Anton Dohrn” in Naples. The meeting focused on some key activities for the Project, in particular the DMO toolkit presented by SL&A and the environmental monitoring system through buoys that will soon be installed offshore in each of the 3 pilot destinations. At the end of the first day of the meeting, Stazione Zoologica organized a guided tour of the Catacombs of San Gennaro! Amazing!

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S&T MED and sustainable tourism in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

70 managers and partners from 110 MPAs in 18 Mediterranean countries are now meeting in in Cabras, Sardinia, Italy for a regional experience-sharing workshop on the development of sustainable tourism in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas.


The meeting is organized by MedPan , the network of Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers in the Mediterranean, in collaboration with S&TMed and MEET (Mediterranean Experiences of Eco-Tourism) projects and in cooperation with other organisations around the Mediterranean. This event is part of the “Sinis week” from 23 to 27 November 2015 that will also include a field trip to the “Sinis Peninsula and Mal di Ventre Island” MPA, including visits to its archaeological heritage.

For further information in Italian, please visit http://www.areamarinasinis.it/A-Cabras-il-workshop-internazionale-sul-Turismo-Sostenibile-nel-Mediterraneo/index.aspx?m=107&f=1&idn=780

S&T MED presents its vision and strategic approach at the International Conference “Culture, cultural diversity and sustainable development: opportunities and new challenges for the Mediterranean”

S&T MED has presented its vision, strategy and main results at the international Conference “Culture, cultural diversity and sustainable development: opportunities and new challenges for the Mediterranean”, jointly organized by MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism), MAECI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) and Municipality of Palermo and held in Palermo, on 10th and 11th November 2015.

The theme of the Conference “Culture, cultural diversity and sustainable development: opportunities and new challenges for the Mediterranean” offered an important opportunity to debate common challenges and opportunities in the Mediterranean.

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S&T MED at the WTM, the world-leading event for the tourism industry


S&T MED participated with a dedicated stand in the World Travel Market that took place in London between 2 and 5 November 2015. S&T MED participated as “responsible tourism initiative” and was allowed to use, by reason of that, a specific ”responsible” logo designed by WTM and supported by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UN-WTO), in recognition of its commitment toward sustainability and responsibility in tourism.

Networking with “responsible tourism” operators, contacts with sector journalists and bloggers, meetings with sustainable tourism professionals are some of the outcomes of S&T MED’s participation…

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S&T MED has started the shooting of its promotional video in the three areas of the Project: the Sinis Peninsula in Italy, Mahdia in Tunisia and Aqaba in Jordan. In Tunisia, video shooting has attracted national media and the news has been broadcasted on the national TV, El-Wataniya 1. The video – realized by the prestigious Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (CSC), the leading Italian Institution in the field of cinematography – will be presented in London on the occasion of the World Travel Market (WTM) 2015 between 2nd and 5th November 2015.  You can access the video through our website or fb page:


S&T MED video places an emphasis on the three areas of the Project, with their variety of environmental and cultural assets, as well as their traditions and communities, highlighting how sustainability is taken up in the areas and how is strengthened thanks to the Project. Indeed, S&T MED is in its way to set Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) following a “community-approach” in each of the three target areas of the Project. This could help – by deeply involving local communities and stakeholders in the decision making – sustainably plan, manage, brand and promote the destinations and supply visitors and tourists with a comprehensive experience of the local nature and the cultural heritage, as well as authentic values and traditions of societies. Guidelines on how to establish and run a DMO have already been issued by S&T MED, which is now in the process of fitting and applying concepts and model included in the guidelines to the three areas.

In order to pave the way and facilitate the application of the DMO guidelines, the S&T MED has achieved significant results in terms of engaging local administrations, local communities with particular reference to youth, CSOs and other relevant stakeholders around the concept of the Destination Management Organization (DMO) and sustainable tourism. This is in the belief that sustainability relies upon shared values and common objectives. A first cycle of training has been delivered to local stakeholders (in particular youth and the private sector) on specific topics concerning sustainable tourism but also basic and specific skills (English language, digital marketing, etc.). Awareness raising activities for local stakeholders have also been undertaken locally. This has been pivotal in improving local context, making it more conducive to principles and practices of sustainable development and tourism, and stimulating exchanges of ideas within and across the areas to help communities in finding their own way to sustainable tourism in full respect of local values, culture and traditions.

But, local decision-making is not only based on consensus, participation and support by local stakeholders but also is rooted in the DMO’s capacity of substantiating decisions with scientific data and being accountable for that. In view of that, S&T MED is focusing on tourism data collection and environmental monitoring. This latter will be mainly through data collected by buoys, adapted to local needs and equipped with specific sensors according to the environmental specific features of the areas and that will be placed in the seas in front of the three destinations. Environmental data will be analysed and provided to local DMOs, which will make them available to local private sector operators, citizens and tourists visiting the areas.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: S&T MED looking for a sustainable Tourism Marketing Expert

S&T MED is looking for a sustainable Tourism Marketing Expert. The expert will be in charge of the development of specific Sustainable Tourism Products and business alliances within the application of a Destination Management Organization approach (DMO model).

Additional info at: