As a follow-up to the Project “Sustainability and Tourism in the Mediterranean”, the S&T Med Partners led by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Italy have launched a Network gathering sustainable Mediterranean Coastal Destinations, and their stakeholders, including governments, MSMEs, operators of the tourism value chain. The Network is meant to become a reference framework, a hub, to support Mediterranean destinations in the concrete application to tourism of the principles of sustainable development and management, stimulating endogenous and harmonious development that can guarantee equal sharing of benefits across participating communities, protection and valorisation of the cultural and environmental assets in full respect of local values and traditions.

But the Network is not the only result of this strategic ENPI CBC MED-funded Project that gathers 9 Partners with different institutional mission (national governments and local authorities, marine protected areas, the Academia) and from three participating Mediterranean Countries (Jordan, Tunisia and Italy).

Indeed, in the Final Conference of the Project that took place in Aqaba on 15th December, a number of other important results have been at the core of the debate.

First and foremost: the set up of Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) in the three Project’s areas (Aqaba in Jordan, Mahdia in Tunisia and Sinis in Italy). These three DMOs -that reflect the different institutional and socio-economic contexts of the 3 areas- are meant to create an integrated, sustainable and long-term approach to destination management, and stimulate public-private partnerships. More importantly, DMO is not an end by itself but it is rather a means to achieve the objectives of a sustainable and harmonious development of tourism, which is at the basis of the Project’s approach.

Recognising that local decision-making process is rooted in the capacity of substantiating decisions with scientific data and being accountable for that, S&T MED is also focusing on tourism data and monitoring of environmental parameters.

In this view, a transnational Observatory on Sustainable Tourism is being established under the Project and buoys have been installed in the seabed in front of the Project’s areas. Beside data provision, S&T MED’s buoys represent important tools to engage tourists and local communities in environmental monitoring and protection, by increasing their awareness of the values of coastal ecosystems with their associated services and, therefore, proposing an all-out experience of the destinations. This is key to ensure the sustainable development and management in areas where attractiveness depends by and large on the good environmental status of the coastal areas, its biodiversity and habitats.IMG_2713 IMG_2715 IMG_2718 IMG_2720 IMG_2725 IMG_2733 IMG_2737 IMG_2741 IMG_2743 IMG_2745 IMG_2748 IMG_2750 IMG_2755 IMG_2761

Sinis MPA presenting S&T MED at the 2016 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean in Tangier, Morocco

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The MPA of Sinis participated in the Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean from 28 November to 1st December 2016 in Tangier, Morocco. It was a great opportunity as colleagues from Sinis presented the experience of S&T MED.

Participants to the Forum approved the “Tangier Declaration”, that is operational and action-oriented in order to bring forward the main steps still needed to timely achieve the roadmap objectives by 2020, as approved in last MedPan meeting.

Additional information and the Declaration are available at:



S&T MED to participate in the UNWTO Conference in Petra, on 26th and 27th October

S&T MED will participate in the Regional Conference “Investing in Tourism for an Inclusive Future: Challenges and Opportunities” that will take place in Petra on 26th and 27th October.

The Conference is jointly organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).  Tourism stakeholders from the public, private, banking, investment and development sectors will be gathered in Petra to identify the challenges and best-practices that are specific to the region, with a view to drafting comprehensive recommendations for tourism development in the future. For details on the Program and the draft Declaration “Investing in Tourism for an Inclusive Future”, pls visit UNWTO website at http://middle-east.unwto.org/node/45870

Sharabeel Madi, Commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA) will present the S&T MED Project, its approach and challenges.

PM4SD training just ended in Cagliari

A training focused on PM4SD™, Project Management for Sustainable Development, a new methodology and qualification for designing and  managing tourism projects with success, has been held in Cagliari between 7th and 9th September 2016 within the framework of S&T MED Project.

Participants from the three S&T MED pilot areas destinations’ DMO working groups in Aqaba, Cabras and Mahdia have actively participated in this training that aims to support the achievement of long term benefits from tourism.

pm4sd_2training pm4sd_3training pm4sd_4training pm4sd_training1

Public notice of selection for training activities for management certification of Destination Management Organizations (D.M.Os.)

In the framework of S&T MED Project, UNISTRADA issued a public notice through comparative selection procedure for granting to third parties training activities for management certification of Destination Management Organizations (D.M.Os.)

Download: Avviso Pubblico Formazione

For more details, visit: www.unistrada.it/l-universita-3/decretiebandi

S&T MED “scientific day” during Mahdia “Festival de la Mer”

A scientific day titled “marine environment monitoring for a better management of resources, environment conservation and scenarios forecasts” is scheduled to take place on 26th July during Mahdia Festival de la Mer. During the event, S&T MED state of play will also be shared with participants, brochures and other materials will be distributed.


FESTIVAL_rev Programme de la journée Scientifique

The S&T MED Environmental Monitoring System now operational in Mahdia

An oceanographic buoy has been recently installed in Mahdia, after one was installed in Aqaba. All the buoys are designed so that additional modules and sensors can be added in the future, enabling a long-term reuse of the knowledge, equipment and monitoring systems developed in the framework of the S&T MED project.

The environmental monitoring system is intended to provide fundamental and key scientific environmental knowledge of the sites in which also other data are collected (e.g., visual census, marine litter removal, biodiversity surveys and environmental protection campaigns). These systems and the monitoring activities associated to their use will be included in touristic, recreative and professional diving itineraries.13692566_917293068416645_7949010312943568109_n 13692682_917292908416661_1585915039392947625_n 13716075_917292865083332_9145681259502828086_n 13729075_917293111749974_2260190677983121263_n

S&T MED buoy for environmental monitoring successfully tested and now operational in Aqaba

The first buoy – purchased and customized within the framework of S&T MED Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) has arrived in Aqaba. The buoy has been installed and tested; Training of Trainers’ modules have been organized and delivered by one of the Project Partner, Stazione Zoologica “Anton Dohrn” of Naples. Other two buoys to be soon installed…stay tuned!


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8th Steering Committee of S&T MED to take place at MiBACT Hq in Roma, 11th and 12th April








On April 11th and 12th, the 8th Steering Committee of S&T MED is going to be held at MiBACT Headquarters in Via  del Collegio Romano in Roma.

There are a number of important issues that will be discussed during the two-day meeting:

  • the state of play of buoys delivery and how – in each of the Project’s three destination – the Environmental Monitoring System is operationalized data are going to be made accessible to tourists and citizens, as well as these data are going to support the DMO and decision-making process;
  • how the DMOs are being implemented at local levels;
  • the setting up of S&T MED Observatory on Sustainable Tourism.

More info will be available after the meeting. Stay tuned!