Expected results

The S&T Med Project will achieve a set of intertwined results:

  • The adoption and application of a public/private Destination Management Organization (DMO), to sustainably manage, valorise and promote natural and cultural heritage in a coordinated manner. The DMO – as a monitoring and promotional platform participated by local, national and scientific stakeholders – will be tailored to each of the three areas targeted by the Project and reflects their priorities and their institutional structure;
  • The establishment of a trans-national Observatory on Sustainable Tourism, combining environmental as well as tourism data and analyses, to promote and protect natural resources of the involved costal ecosystems and create an innovative tool to promote and monitor sustainable tourism.
  • The set-up of an international network of sustainable coastal tourism destinations in the Mediterranean destination sharing homogeneous quality standards and methodologies to protect, enhance and promote the sustainable use of coastal areas. The network will offer the opportunity to develop and test common methodologies during project implementation and will be open to other destinations.
  • The support to local economic growth and business development, primarily through the refurbishment of buildings of economic significance for the area that could represent tourism attractors; the set-up of business alliances that could improve economies of scale and quality and range of services for tourism.