The S&T MED Environmental Monitoring System now operational in Mahdia

An oceanographic buoy has been recently installed in Mahdia, after one was installed in Aqaba. All the buoys are designed so that additional modules and sensors can be added in the future, enabling a long-term reuse of the knowledge, equipment and monitoring systems developed in the framework of the S&T MED project.

The environmental monitoring system is intended to provide fundamental and key scientific environmental knowledge of the sites in which also other data are collected (e.g., visual census, marine litter removal, biodiversity surveys and environmental protection campaigns). These systems and the monitoring activities associated to their use will be included in touristic, recreative and professional diving itineraries.13692566_917293068416645_7949010312943568109_n 13692682_917292908416661_1585915039392947625_n 13716075_917292865083332_9145681259502828086_n 13729075_917293111749974_2260190677983121263_n

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