S&T MED buoys for environmental monitoring system tested and soon delivered in Aqaba, Sinis and Mahdia












Three mooring buoys for environmental monitoring have been designed for the needs of the three S&T MED destinations and will be soon delivered at destination in Aqaba, Sinis and Mahdia.

The three buoys have been designed – with the support of the scientific Institutions partner of the Project coordinated by Stazione Zoologica “Anton Dohrn” – to accomodate the specific needs of the three S&T MED destinations. Amongst others, they include sensors to detect hydrocarbons presence, single-point currentmeter, meteo station with irradiance and UVA/B detectors, underwater and aerial cameras.

Beyond their importance for environmental data monitoring, buoys will be also used for public engagement, educational and awareness raising activities, for both tourists and citizens.


Copia di SZN1_fin Copia di SZN2_fin Copia di SZN3_fin Copia di SZN4_fin Copia di SZN6_fin

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